Jun 22, 2009

Bye to Kodai, Back in Cali

We're now back "State-side," as they say in south India. We love being in the U.S. for a number of reasons, but we still miss our many wonderful friends and our old home in Kodai.

The journey to our new home was a long one. At the end of April, we bid a sad farewell to our friends and 'family' in Kodaikanal.

Then we spent two weeks in Thailand with our friends Dio and Judith. (Liam still says "Member Dio and Judith?" and "Member Catalina Elephant?" (see below)).

Then we visited our families on both coasts before returning to Davis, CA, where we're set up in campus family housing. We're in the full swing of life here, writing, working, parenting, cooking, sweeping, cleaning and sleeping (without the help of Rani and John), but we've been welcomed by some great friends and really like our new home. Here's Liam getting to know his neighbors:

We just returned from a wonderful hike in the Sierra Nevada with some old friends.

See MORE photos by clicking below, and come visit us, if you, too, are "State-side":