Feb 21, 2010

Reid - live and unplugged

Our little friend is now decidedly less cyborg than before, having had the IV, heart monitor, blood oxygen monitor, breathing monitor, heat sensor, and oxygen tubes all removed.  He's more like what you might call a "baby."
In the bassinet at the hospital.
He IS small!
And he has furry arms, ears, and back:
Thankfully he has proven to be an expert feeder and sleeper - thus far.  We are informed that after the hormones from the womb environment wear off (2 weeks) then we'll really know how well he sleeps, and it's not likely going to be very well, since babies don't make much serotonin.
Here he is demonstrating a proper Monker position.
Compare with Liam, in 2007:

We've got a video of the Reid Monker, too.

And of the sorts of things that Liam has been up to recently: