Sep 3, 2010

Down East (at least in that general region).

We've landed in Maine!
We visited with Quirk/Bulger clans on our way there and enjoyed family time in Waterton:Topher and Marie joined us when we arrived in Maine. Without their help, our belongings would still be in a box in Portland, ME, and we'd be homeless.
We found ourselves a house that's larger than our box of possessions can fill, but it abuts land-trust woods with trails and there's a river just down the road that we've been swimming in almost every day (sadly, no pics of the river--we've been too busy swimming).

Reid, it turns out, likes more than just milk:

We met up with our friends Todd and Sus and Maeve, and much fun was had by all:
Tim has started his new job and is officially a professor--he likes the work and is now seen wearing more and more collared shirts:

Liam has started pre-school three days a week (one of his favorite personas these days in the world of make believe is Satski, a character in the movie Totoro--turns out she has a lunchbox). Here's Satski with her lunchbox:
Reid's working on crawling, and playing the occasional video game:

And KQ is holding the team together:
Sorry we've been in such poor contact. We're still settling into normalcy, but we're happy and well, and have many a guest room in this big house of ours.