Feb 18, 2011

Reid Amani Quirk is one year big!

Happy first annual birthday to Reid. Of course Reid is no stranger to birthdays, having started with hourly, and moved quickly to daily, weekly, then monthly. But yearly is a big deal. Here he is with a balloon his older brother picked out for him, examining the snow from the window.
Natually Liam is omnipresent in Reid's world, and in someways a larger force than either of his parents, who just play support roles, you know. Here the brothers launch away in their individually sized rocket ships.
They stop for a monkey snack and some prognostication, and...
the voyage ends in mishap.

Liam is a great protector of his little brother .
And helps us to introduce Reid to interesting parts of the world, like squirrels.
But this day, Reid is the main show.
And what a lovely show it is!
Happy Birthday Beedo!
Love, Dad, Mom, and Lemur