May 17, 2011

Spring Springs, Timbo Turns 34, and Sar Visits

Tim turned 34 this week.  We opened presents in the basement (naturally) with Peter Pan (in foreground).

Sarah W. joined us and cooked a fabulous b-day dinner.  We had trouble rounding up rhubarb at the last minute, so our Floridian Daddy had key lime pie for his birthday dessert instead. 
Reid, it turns out, loves feeding himself with a spoon.
Apparently, he's less enthusiastic about gardening. 

May 8, 2011

Reid invents golf at ~15mo.

Which explains why the game is so intensely dull for people over two.

Happy Mother's Day, Orono 2011

The doctor in his office.

Just a minute, I'm reading.

It's mothers day, and they put me here, under a bush.

Liam saws a future staff.

The mother who juggles it all.

Superhero and sidekick.

What the..!

Oh!  Look at that!  

 Bread!  I love bread.


 Just right when you let your saliva soak into it for a minute or so.

Family arrangments.

Here we go merrily.

Gorgeous people.

 Liam cutting grass with his wooden dagger.

cut, cut, cut.