Mar 3, 2012


We spent the last week in Florida, visiting friends and enjoying some of Tim's old haunts from his Everglades days.  Ocean time, of course:

A Portuguese Man o' War
 Mr. Reid (who's solely responsible for the cool-cat sunglasses) is now 2yrs old. Napping was a failure on this trip, but otherwise he thrived, running around in just a swim diaper, exploring with his bro, digging in the sand, paddling the canoe, and talking non-stop.  His favorite story from the trip, which he continues to tell, is of the helicopter which flew over our seedy hotel one night with its spotlight shining down on us.  He would hold out his little arms, palms up and say, "Happening?"  "Helicopter" "Coming" "Flying" "Light" "Shining." 

 Liam had a great time exploring all the new plants.
Below was his favorite spot in all of Florida, an empty lot next to our hotel with lots of junk and beer bottles where Liam readily set up shop pretending.  He always wanted to hang out there to "tend to my crops" and "run my errands." Reid was, as always, his trusty assistant.

 There was a great street-painting (or, rather, chalking) festival while were in Lake Worth, Tim's old home town.
 Canoeing on Loxahatchee River was a highpoint--gorgeous vegetation, a gator, and great birds, including a couple of large limpkins.

Yep, Liam stuck his tongue out for all family photos.

 Ruth and Javier were among the many wonderful folks we got to visit with.
 A lovely boardwalk through the wetlands in Grassy Waters, north of Palm Beach
 Tim up in a Banyan
A full album of the trip is here: