Jul 27, 2013

Sleep over in Reid's room

First some jumping:

In other news, blueberry season is upon us:

And we've been cutting flowers at our local farm:

Ah, Summer!

Jul 23, 2013

The things a guy can do at six

Build cool stuff on his own

Pick lots of raspberries

Mommy picked these

And Spiderman provided entertainment

Jul 15, 2013

Katie's Birthday Weekend

At home--we're really enjoying these zucchini flowers and the anticipation of what they will bring.

Boothbay train--note the small engineers.

Horseshoe crab from the Boothbay Aquarium--these guys have been around since before dinosaurs.

Birthday dinner.

Sorry about the orientation on this one.

Jul 12, 2013

Loving Summer

Another one of my anthology blogs:
Blue Hill hike with Melissa and Jim. Mile: 0.01.
The summer birds are fabulous. Our favorite call is from the Hermit Thrush (this one is a Cardinal).

Fairy House

Visiting with Hazel Walsh Daloz...

...and the rest of her crew.

Liam turned 6 in June (a fabulous age). Pictured here: the night before his b-day, watching Star Wars and eating "junker" food.

"Junker" food the next morning. Birthdays are great!

LK's b-day with his buddies. The requested menu included watermelon, hot dogs, cherry pie, and vegetarian sushi.

4th of July parade with Grandma Marie

LK got caterpillars for his b-day, which we watched turn into Painted Lady Butterflies--here they are just before their release.

River swimming--my favorite part of summer.


...sometimes with a net.

Hummingbird outside my office window.

A recent favorite book. The inspiration for the following photos.

Making roti dough.

Rolling it out.


And making Batman masks out of it.

Reid recently took to swimming--so fun to watch.

Water blasting.

The intrepid explorers of Long Pond. I am off swimming across the pond with the loons!