Monday, March 15, 2010

Quirks arrive, save world.

Tim and Sally come to Davis to see the new addition, cook endless amounts of gourmet food and generally make everything amazing.

A photo album is here:
Quirks arrive, Save World.

And here are some recent videos:

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Queue-Double-Ewes visit Martinez

We take our newly completed family to the beautiful rolling hills of Martinez, where the first young member was added.
He enjoys the outing thoroughly, exploring the streams, mud, grass, frogs, stick, thistles, and miner's lettuce as one should.
And attempting to hop up the hill.
Reid, meanwhile, mostly slept through the adventure.  That's more his style.  That and eating.  And burping.  And pooping with vigor.

Those hills are pretty, though.
Liam got to see that same old tractor that we took a photo of him on once upon a time.  This time, however, not only could he identify the tractor and it's major components, but he also came to the conclusion that it no longer functions.  He's a very different being than he was last time he sat on one of those two tractors:

Here's Reid on his first tractor.

Here's the little fellow being adored by his daddy.