Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reed Beeds

He loves staring at trees.  They sooth him.

The hands.  Those little hands.
Nothing like naked squigg time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Groad, The Bald, and the Chunky

Reid is blimping up like a champion.  If we hadn't already seen Liam do this same fantastic feat of fattening we'd be flabbergasted. 

This is the "groad" as in groady grotsome grotesque, gunky lint and dirt that Reid collects at an alarming rate in his little finger (and other) crevices.

The bald.  Tim shaved his head.  And there was much rejoicing.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Liam really enjoys being a Tyrannosaur these days.  He's got a sort of loping waddle that goes along with it, and he squints his eyes and bears his teeth to appear vicious.  Oh, and the claws, held crooked out in front are very important too.

Spring Growth in Davis

 Well, spring can be a sleepy time, you know.  There is apparently so much work for Reid, it's almost *always* time to sleep.  He's doing a marvelous job of it too.  Okay, except tonight.
And, when he's not sleeping, he's sucking on something.  In order of preference: nipple, thumb, pacifier. 
Yes, we've been taking family photos.  Eventually though Reid got sick of it and attacked his father with a vicious bite (suck) to the head (cheek).  I'm still wounded.

We've been trying to get out and about in this glorious weather.  Last weekend it included a trip to the Center for Land Based Learning, a very Davis sort of thing, and a great little spot where Liam got to muck around in a pond, catch tadpoles, pet lambs, get terrified by chickens, pretend he was a Tyrannosaur (yes, of course I informed him that the two are related) and run in circles.  There were also tractors, tools, food, and diapers involved.
Liam explores with a net.  These, we learned, are not only good for catching insects, but you can store dirt and sticks in them too.  Very useful.  Very important.  An all-round great tool.

Speaking of interesting tools, the magnifying glass is also a peculiar little specimen.  Liam's got one coming on his birthday.
After such events it is always necessary to clean off the little grubbers, so the two brothers had a tubby together.  Tubbies are still out-of-body experiences for Reid.  Liam, however, is an old pro.  Except when it comes to head washing, which is a crime against humanity.

And, above all odds, Reid was able to overcome the immense synesthetic vortex that is 'tubby' and actually communicate with the rather large natives.  Apparently they use their tongues a lot for such purposes.
Liam and Reid - Tongues in the Tubby.
Life is good.