Sunday, May 2, 2010

All Hail Gripe Water!!

Parenthood seems to be all about developing constantly-evolving, fickle theories, based on single-data-point experiments (ie. today, I (the nursing mom) didn't eat any dairy products and Reid didn't scream his head off, so he MUST necessarily be lactose intolerant). We call this bad science.

Well, the latest theory seems to be a little more solid than all the rest. Because, for several days now, we have found that if we regularly give Reid little shots of this (essentially fennel seed and chamomile tea):

Then he looks like this:

(note the loose arms, unclenched fists, smile, and what would be a floppy torso if he were upright). Anyway, the nice fellow is so much more comfortable in his skin now that we've been hitting the Gripe Water regularly. He doesn't look perpetually worried when he's awake and the screaming has nearly disappeared. It's such a joy for all of us.

Some of his latest shots:
Yes, I am already more than 15lbs at under 3mos.

No, Gripe Water does not solve a guy's spit up problems.

But it does give you the sense that you can fly.

Or at least let your tongue hang out.