Saturday, September 25, 2010

End of Summer

 Reid visits Vermont for the first time.  Tastes apple.

Orono has a festival.  We 'fest.'

Reid accompanies via bicycle.

 Reid really gets into eating what they call "food."  (Don't worry, he's still really into eating everything else too)

We visit a corn maze (Liam is "Straight-Mon" a superhero he invented, complete with pose)

 Straight-Mon and family solve a corn maze, and it does rock.

 Beedo, the Reeder A Beeds, aka "Micro-Chunk" learns to sit.  This is big deal.

Liam gets a second hand bulldozer.

And Reid helps daddy cook.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Davis to Orono

To those with the wooden spoons and underwear the summer progressed normally, even while the apartment was packed up.

Superheroes and Princesses discussed pressing matters - of leaves and baby puppies.

We crammed our belongings into a six by seven by eight foot metal box.

And crammed ourselves into other travel containers.

We visited family (including great-grandma Maggie)

(Who lives close to a part of Washington state called the Pellouse)

Decided not to throw ourselves down the Canadian rockies (in Alberta), 

And with a little help from Grandparents,

Got comfortable in our new home,

Saw some excellent friends,

 Boots and all.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Down East (at least in that general region).

We've landed in Maine!
We visited with Quirk/Bulger clans on our way there and enjoyed family time in Waterton:Topher and Marie joined us when we arrived in Maine. Without their help, our belongings would still be in a box in Portland, ME, and we'd be homeless.
We found ourselves a house that's larger than our box of possessions can fill, but it abuts land-trust woods with trails and there's a river just down the road that we've been swimming in almost every day (sadly, no pics of the river--we've been too busy swimming).

Reid, it turns out, likes more than just milk:

We met up with our friends Todd and Sus and Maeve, and much fun was had by all:
Tim has started his new job and is officially a professor--he likes the work and is now seen wearing more and more collared shirts:

Liam has started pre-school three days a week (one of his favorite personas these days in the world of make believe is Satski, a character in the movie Totoro--turns out she has a lunchbox). Here's Satski with her lunchbox:
Reid's working on crawling, and playing the occasional video game:

And KQ is holding the team together:
Sorry we've been in such poor contact. We're still settling into normalcy, but we're happy and well, and have many a guest room in this big house of ours.