Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

A new fall

 Reid is now going to school twice a week.

This was his first day.  With his lunch box.

Tim's walk to work.

The farmers market.

The family train, in chalk (Katie, Liam, Reid).

New house edits

We are editing our new house.  It is so fun.

While mommy and daddy rip out carpet, Liam draws, and Liam and Reid run around and hit each other.

Some spots need editing.

A little more than a week ago, a tractor trailer delivered and we unloaded 3980 pounds of strand woven bamboo flooring.  There it is.

BSW = Bamboo, Strand Woven.  This stuff is very, very hard.  3000 on the Janka scale.
But dang, is it heavy.

We take a break for a story in the hammock. (Yes, we have a hammock!)

And since we keep coming back, we drag the kids.  This works well when donuts are on offer.

The south side.

The bamboo stacked for optimal acclimatization (absorbing Maine moisture) in the sunken living room.

And in the raised living room.

Liam, drawing sand howler dragons.  NOTE that one on the left!  
He DREW that, and it LOOKS like a dragon!
More updates soon.

Blue Hill Fair

We took a trip to the fair at Blue Hill.  The Blue Hill fair is a standard sugar and grease, giant pumpkins and horse races, games and rides and animals sort of fair.  It is awesome, and this year we went all out.

This is one of my favorite parts - getting to ride little friends around on my shoulders.

 Alpacas are crazy animals.

 Especially when sheared.

Reid's first experience with cotton candy.  Liam clearly know what do to with it. well as what to do with strawberry/blueberry shortcake...


... and candied apple.  This was a *great* candied apple.  The caramel was soft so your teeth didn't break, unlike the candied apples of my youth.

 Reid got to lead a jeep safari.
 Liam and Katie rode the big Ferris Wheel.

And "we" napped on the way home.
Lovely country fair.

New(period) House(period) Period(period)!

 Well, this is it.  Our new house.  And just up the street a few from our current place.
 We are very excited!
 Thank you Maine - we couldn't afford a house if we still lived in California!

We got to work right away ripping out the carpets, thanks in part to a handy little tool from Todd.
Thanks TD.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A sample of Barvel, 2012

2012 was the first year that the second and third generations of Waring, Daloz, Basom crew was able to re-assemble in Barvel.  We had an absolutely delightful end-of-summer smash!
 Naturally, with Barvel, there is always lots of water time.  Lots and lots and lots.  This summer Liam can swim (with a pfd), and Reid now enjoys boating and paddling.  This was not the case one year ago.
 Here is Liam swimming with aunt Sarah.  He is currently trying to swim underwater while wearing his life jacket, and failing.
 Here's the kid.  Couldn't get enough water this summer.  He often swam twice a day.
 As also is often (but not always) the case with Barvel - we feasted.  A lovely veggie-pasta and sausage dinner, a mexican bonanza, bagels, pancakes, sausages, eggs, homemade granola and oatmeal.  And I'm forgetting at least one amazing meal.
 I love squashing in around that big table.  This year we had Paul R. Eley with us, courtesy of one Sarah Boo Waring.  In this picture the Mr. Eley is moving so fast he is a blur because he is busy feeding.  Notice, nonetheless, the mustache atop his lip.  This Eley has a certain wherewithal.
 The three kids (soon to be four, thanks to the work of Todd and Susie) gather around the campfire.
 Fire and sugar make a very strong type of child-attractor.
Early morning on the cabin.
Barville Pond in the morning, from the deck.  Despite our attempts, Todd and I could not fix the deck this year for want of an open hardware store.
 The morning mist across the pond.
 Well well, look who's taller?
 We took some of the classic shots before the WD crew had to leave.
 The pirate shot.
 The Victorian.
 We continued shortly after the WDs departed:
The Pilobolous.
 The final morning.
Absolutely perfect.
 I managed to forget Reid's crib as well as books to read at night.  Things were looking dire.  But then Todd and Susie saved the day by packing a friends crib.  Katie then told stories in the evenings to put the tired ones to sleep.  Liam looks like I did at his age!
 Our final breakfast.
 Kit and Reid share a conversation.
 Reeve and Liam do some card tricks.
 We discovered a fairy house on the way to the outhouse.  He was a very welcoming little forest spirit.
 Sarah, Kit and Reeve take the wee ones (Maeve, Reid (hidden)) out for an early morning paddle on the first day.
 The curl of water from the bow.

 Maeve, Liam, and Reid loved to jump between the beds, just was we did when we were little!
 A random bike proved to be a real find.
 A teeny frog.
 A saly.
 The benefits of a shallow pond - warm water.

Reid and Liam can't wait until next year.

Thank you Granny!  We love you!