Friday, October 26, 2012

A missive from the Virgin Islands

 I think this time the pictures carry the story.

 pelicans fishing - what a sight!

What a prehistoric thing, the iguana.
my tent cabin at Maho Bay.
 The calabash
 an arboreal termite mound
 the ruins of a slave-run sugar mill

Those little white spots on the point, one of them was my tent cabin.

 The water was so warm and welcoming.
This was no easier to understand or explain in real life than it is in the photo.  Apparently a tree on one side of the little drainage fell down, onto another of the same type on the other side.  The rest, apparently is history.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is my last blog catch-up post. This spring, I was lucky enough to make it to Chicago for the celebration of my good friend Megan's wedding.  Megan and I studied abroad together in France and traveled in Morocco. She and Matt had a great wedding. Here they are in front of a  beautiful Chagall mosaic:
This was my first solo trip since having kids. There were so many highlights: staying with Megan's mom, meeting friends at the wedding, exploring Chicago (what a great city), eating Ethiopian food, going on an architecture tour, lying back on the grass at an outdoor concert. Some photos from my wanderings:

Princess Reid

Some kind friends took pity on me as I'm solo parenting this week and had us over for dinner. Reid emerged from the back of the house once in high-healed princess shoes (at first I thought he had a dirty diaper because he was walking funny) and then in the full princess get-up. Liam was a baby dragon. The dancing that followed was fabulous.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Popping at Popham

Another highlight of the summer was our rendez-vous with Todd, Sus and Maeve at Popham Beach:

This isn't from the coast, but it's just too cute. Reid was headed to a Harry Potter party. I think he's a house elf.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Summer Blog Catch Up

Now that my iphoto is finally working, a few summer photos I've wanted to share:
We had a  Spokane visit in June and enjoyed time with our wonderful family there--Bri and Anna and Sal and O'da. (We wish we had more photos of Bri and Anna, cause we think those two are just swell).

The swimmer--or the guy who poses as the swimmer. He's more about the accessories than the water at this stage.


The trip also involved a reunion with St. George's pals, which was such a treat.

Hal and Elizabeth's wedding was a wonderful excuse to get together.

And we got to meet Mr. Peter. He sucked on our fingers a bit.

These gardeners have since worked in our new garden.

And we were fortunate to have one last visit with Granny at her Newton house. We're hoping to have her to our new house soon.