Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Reid's interest in writing and drawing has taken off. It's been so fun to watch this part of his expressive self emerge:
One day, he decided to copy a random card he found around the house that looks something like this:
We found him at least 20 minutes into the project, when he was getting a little bit frustrated:
The final version took at least 10 attempts:
A determined fellow is he!

Leonard Mills

Waning Summer

Reid's harvest:
Half of one day's kale harvest:

Tanzanian wageni (guests) Akiyo and Nyange who indulged us with the opportunity to speak in Swahili again, fabulous singing, and other joys of Tanzanian culture: 

First day of school:
Piano performances times two now:

Our commute home from school through the woods:

Funny mommy:
Tim's childhood toys revived:
The joys of coaching K-3 soccer(great coaches tell their kids to jump on throw ins):

The Common Ground Fair