Monday, July 25, 2016

Santa Domingo treasure hunt, part two

Treasure hunt for Liam and mommy
(Apologies on picture quality--we hadn't planned on publishing these)

Please collect the location or a photo of each of the following. (Photos are preferred)

1. An ancient Mayan bowl big enough to fit Beedo in. 
(Not the one they had in mind)

2. A red and gold piano.

3. A big old bell you could ring but shouldn't!

4. A Mayan painting of people with bleeding fingers.
(Again, not what they had in mind--we were having so much fun making questions and hunting that we didn't make it to ether Mayan archeology room until after the hunt).

5. A spiral staircase you can walk on.

6. an old kitchen, equipped with bowls and utensils and even fake fruit.

7. A picture of your self standing directly over a human skull.

8. A glass cobra with a giant crystal in its mouth.

9. A pile of bones you could reach out and grab, but shouldn't!

10. A giant sculpture of the head of Francisco Marroquin. 
The treasure hunt approach made for super fun exploring with the kids in the amazing Casa Santa Domingo museums.