Friday, July 23, 2010


In 250 Mrak Hall, at the University of California, in Davis, they keep a small bell, set aside on a little platform, for a particular type of occasion.  They rang it once on Wednesday, at around 2:20pm, as I was leaving.  People clapped, and Shelly Archer used the word "Doctor" to describe me.  She was the first person to have done so who was not technically incorrect. 

So there it is.
Thank you Davis.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tim and Sally visit Solano Park one last time

Babies we cared for, and entertained.
We visited the swimming pool every day.  Especially on Katie's birthday.
Reid at the swimming pool.
Reid and Daddy having a giggle.
Liam gets thrown up out of the water.
The poolside.
Tim spent lots of time taking care of Reid.

Grandma Sally bought Liam a "flute" or a "clarinet" or a "recorder-phone" depending on your gloss.  It was the single most popular gift Liam has received in a long time.  His daddy liked it too.

In the competition for baldness (including three participants) Reid wins out, with Katie placing last.  Gotta try harder Kate!

Yosemite Trip

First we drove to Yosemite. 
(WARNING: image may not represent actual driving, or fun incurred during actual driving)
The Sexton + Kolser = Sexters held us by the hand in terms of planning.  We were blissfully in the dark.  I still am.  We camped in Toulumne Meadows (by astronomical luck). We hit Lembert Dome the first day.
 And it was pretty.
 I guess that's the point, though.
 On day two, we hiked to the top of Vernal falls.  It was hot.
A child exploring nature.  The part of nature that he is examining here is a green plastic bead.  "Daddy, a green plastic bead!"  Oh, for simpler times.
 Some of us fell asleep with granola bars in our hands (and mouths) on the way home.
 Others of us are perpetually stimulated by our mouths.  Reid tried out all possible tastes and textures available at his disposal, including the his hand, the burb-rag,
 a cloth book meant for chewing,
 and a combination of hand and book.
This kid may like food.
Just a guess.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth of July

We decided that we'd better appreciate our country with some patriotic symbolism while we still can, and while we're still excited about our president.  For the occasion, we dressed Liam up as the "Crazy Conductor" of Stanford University marching band fame.  We threw in *just* a dash of uncle same.  Just a dash.  Here's the get up, cape and all, proudly displayed:

 Liam and Daddy attended the kids parade, which looked like this:

And in which Liam looked like this:

And this:

When the parade reached the park, Liam got up in front of the band, and did some energetic conducting.

And got a balloon.

Reid also enjoyed the festivities, with all his senses.

Tonight: Taiko drumming and fireworks.

Reids Skillz

 Our little friendy has been getting some "mad" "skillz" recently.  First, there is "standy":

 Standy is a proud maneuver which allows one to explore many things.  Everything is interesting when you are standing.  This contrasts with the fact that many things are futzy when you are lying down.

Speaking of lying down, our little friend has *just* rolled over for the first time.  A total surprise.  Here he is, in the midst of a go.

And it doesn't stop there.  He's working on his future skate-boarding skills.  Here he is practicing a 1080˚.

Here he is, caught in the act of an illicit "nunch" of the forbidden "fumb".

And again.

And two fingers.

 Daddy and Reider hangin' out, being smart.

And mister social.